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Workshop / Benches

TE1517Heavy steel bench (900w x 1085d x 660h)$300.00 (AU$)
TE1518Heavy steel bench with timber top (1700w x 840d x 580h)$300.00 (AU$)
TE2223Slide Bench - 1200W x 2700L x 300H$200.00 (AU$)
TE1896Stainless Steel Bench - 1700L x 600D x 840H$220.00 (AU$)
TE1895Stainless Steel Bench - 2100L x 700D x 900H$220.00 (AU$)
TE1897Stainless Steel Bench - 2600L x 600D x 910H$330.00 (AU$)
TE3144Stainless Steel Bench Top$100.00 (AU$)
TE2797Steel Bench - 1750L x 840D x 880H$150.00 (AU$)
TE1516Steel frame bench with timber top (1500w x 1120d x 1020h)$88.00 (AU$)

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